St Baruc and St Cadoc

20 March 2021 ·

Source British Library

The name of Barry is thought to have possibly come from Saint Baruc. He was a 6th century saint, who was also a disciple of Saint Cadoc. Saint Baruc was tasked with bringing St Cadoc's reading material with him on a journey from the island of Flat Holm. He forgot and St Cadoc sent him back to retrieve it, but unfortunately, he drowned in the Bristol Channel on the return journey. He was buried on Barry Island in a chapel.… Read more.

In the News

25 May 2021 ·

The Barry Dock Newspaper gives us a fascinating insight into the goings on in the town of Barry and the daily lives of the people who lived here. We have loved reading the newspapers and even got to use a microfiche in Barry Library. Some of the newspaper clippings: STACEY SENTENCED. ON A VERDICT OF MAN- SLAUGHTER. THE FATAL FIGHT AT BARRY DOCKS. Henry Stacey (38), a hobbling coaltrimmer, of Sydenham street, Barry Docks, was tried at Glamorgan Assizes this… Read more.

Famous and Notable People from Barry

25 May 2021 ·

Barry has had its fair share of people that have been born here and gone on to become celebrities or famous for the job that they do. We have enjoyed finding out about some of the people who came from Barry! Grace Mary Williams - 1906-1977 Grace Mary Williams was born on 19th February 1906 in Barry. Grace was a composer and was generally considered to be Wales's most notable female composer. She was also first British woman to score… Read more.

Barry on screen!

13 May 2021 ·

Old Television

Barry has been the place where several great TV programmes have been filmed. Often when we are out and about we have seen film crews and filing taking place. Exciting! Gavin & Stacey Filmed in Barry and Dinas Powys at several locations – The series follows the romance between Gavin, from Billericay in Essex, and Stacey, from Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, in South Wales. Gavin lives with his parents, Pam and Mick, and spends most of his time with his… Read more.

Barry Cinema (Theatre Royal)

27 April 2021 ·

Langtry Birthplace

The Theatre Royal and Hippodrome was built as a live theatre and opened in 1907. Sadly in 1909 a fire destroyed the building and a new theatre was built but this was situated across the street on a new site. The theatre featured an orchestral organ manufactured by Messrs Nicholson of Worcester. Barry Herald 1910 - New Theatre and HippodromeFire at the Theatre 1909 - Victorian Barry ExperienceSeptember 1908 In 1918 the famous actress Lillie Langtry appeared at the Theatre… Read more.

Barry Lido

27 April 2021 ·

Barry Lido opened at The Knap on May 1st 1926 and was one of the largest lidos in the United Kingdom at that time. It was a cold water lido and measured around 360 foot long. The Lido 1920s. The Lido 1930s - Peoples Collection There were two banks of chalets either side of the pool in a semi circle shape and these were rented out by families who came to the lido during the summer months. During the 70s… Read more.

Dan Evans

27 April 2021 ·

In 1905 Mr Evans' grandfather turned the ironmongers shop where he had been an apprentice into a department store on Holton Road. The department store sold lots of different items and was a very popular shop. It has been in several different locations on Holton Road Advert - 1910 However due to changing patterns of retail shopping it was decided that shortly after the 100th birthday of the store that it was not viable to keep open and sadly the… Read more.

Barry Carnival

27 April 2021 ·

The history of carnivals being held in Barry can be dated back to the 19th Century. The first carnival to take place in Barry was in 1889 to celebrate the opening of Barry Docks. Streets were decorated and the route to the docks was lined with decorative arches. A firework display was held at Brooks Farm which was just off Court Road and Gladstone Road. This cost £190 and was funded by Messrs Paines & Sons Newspaper clipping -… Read more.

Barry Zoo

27 April 2021 ·

Twin brothers Hugh and George Palmer opened the zoo in 1960. It started off small but rapidly expanded. At one point the zoo housed tigers, elephants, lions, emus, camels, bears, pumas and many more. Advert for Barry ZooAdvert for Barry Zoo - Old Barry In PicturesCaroline and Hugh & George Palmer 70sBears - 1980Caroline the Elephant - 70sElephant HouseLeopardLionLionsPumas Plan of the zoo - 70sSource: In 1977 George Palmer was arrested for attending a council meeting with one of… Read more.

Over The Years

26 April 2021 ·

We had great fun looking at old photos of places in Barry then comparing how they look now!! The Bathing Pool - Barry Island The Bathing Pool Barry Island The Bathing Pool remnants 2020 - you can still see the steps Barry Island Promenade Barry Island - No promenade built yetThe Promenade 2020 - Stacey Traylor Battery Hill - Barry Island Battery Hill early 1900sBattery Hill - 2020 Stacey Traylor Broad Street Broad Street 1899Broad Street 2020 - Stacey Traylor… Read more.

Members photos

14 April 2021 ·

Vale People First members LOVE living in Barry and The Vale of Glamorgan. There is so much for us to do right on our doorstep and we love nothing better than meeting up for chips at Barry Island. Some of our members are very talented photographers. Here we would like to share with you, some of the the beautiful photographs they have taken. Stacey Traylor 2021Stacey Traylor 2021Stacey Traylor 2021Stacey Traylor 2021Stacey Traylor 2021Stacey Traylor 2021Stacey Traylor 2021Stacey Traylor 2021Stacey… Read more.