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23 February 2021 ·

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Barry Town United AFC can be dated back to 1892. An Association football team named Barry and Cadoxton District was formed. This team played on five different grounds and had various different identities including Barry Unionist Athletic, Barry United Athletic and Barry District.

A meeting was held at The Windsor Pub in Holton Road in November 1912, and the people who lived in the town chose to name the team Barry A.F.C. The Jenner family of Wenvoe were willing to lease some land, and this is where Jenner Park Stadium was built. It was ready in time for the the 1912-1913 season.

In September 1913, Barry played their first ever fixture. This was a match against Mid-Rhondda. The match was watched by four thousand supporters. The next two seasons saw many other football clubs visit the stadium but the Great War stopped competitive football. Barry’s first ever Captain, Major James Wightman, sadly became one of many casualties of The Battle of the Somme.

During the 1920 – 21 season, Barry became champions of the Southern League’s Welsh section. Barry stayed in the Southern League for more than sixty years. Barry played Northampton at Jenner Park in 1934-35 but a huge fire ravaged the grandstand.

In 1939 World War II put a stop to football again and one of the players, Chris Mason was captured as a P.O.W. but returned to Jenner Park to resume his career.

In 1949–50, Jenner Park became one of the first grounds in the country to introduce floodlights.

In 1961, another big game was against QPR for the FA Cup. This was watched by seven thousand fans.

In 1982, Barry left the Southern League and focused on Welsh League competition. Three thousand eight hundred and fifty fans attended Jenner Park in November 1984 when Barry played Reading in the FA cup.

The Welsh Premier League – which was known then as the League of Wales – was formed in 1992.

In 2012, it was the 100th anniversary of the clubs formation.

Barry Town United AFC continues to play football, and is still based at Jenner Park Stadium.

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