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20 March 2021 ยท

As the docks slowly fell silent, and all of the ships and businesses left the area, the docks became derelict. Many of the buildings that had housed the offices and businesses that had once operated from there also became derelict. Plans were made to redevelop the waterfront area and Dock No.1 was the first area that developers looked at. Planning permission was granted for residential and commercial developments. In 2001, Morrison’s supermarket opened, and a retail park was built next to it in 2004. By 2015, the retail park had Pets at Home, Halfords, K.F.C. and Poundstretcher.

Morrisons 2021 – Jo Price

In 2002, new apartments were announced, and by 2011 there were six hundred and eighty six homes, a supermarket, Health Centre and pharmacy and a shopping space. This was followed in 2007, with a project to build a further two thousand homes and commercial properties in the dock areas. This included the new road that leads to Barry Island, a hotel, school, supermarket, parks and new medical centres. A footbridge linking Thompson Street to the Waterfront Medical Centre opened in December 2009.

In 2010, construction began on West Quay Medical Centre. This opened in October 2010. It was built on the site that Barry Railway Companies locomotive works and carriage sheds once occupied. By February 2012, work had begun to clear the way for a new restaurant, (Brewers Fayre) and the Premier Inn which opened in June 2014.

In April 2015, the new ASDA superstore was built. The listed Hydraulic Engine House sited opposite the Premier Inn had further renovations and was converted to ‘The Pumphouse’, which contains a restaurant, gym and a coffee bar.

In August 2020, the latest development at the Waterfront opened – The Goodsheds. This is a mix of restaurants, shops, bars and businesses in a shipping container village.

Hopefully the Waterfront and Dock area will continue to grow and change as time goes by.

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