Gas, Electricity and Water

20 March 2021 ·

Source British Library

The Barry and Cadoxton Gas and Water Company 1886, provided the gas for street lighting and houses and there was a plentiful supply of fresh water.  In August 1890, gas lamps were in use on many of the roads in Cadoxton and Barry. Gas lamps were used for the first time in Barry Dock in November, the same year.

Barry & Cadoxton Local Board Gas & Water Act 1893 – Glamorgan Archives

The Barry and Cadoxton Waterworks was formed in October 1890 and a reservoir was built at the Colcot in 1899 to supply the town.

The Windsor Hotel was the first building to be supplied with electricity in 1896. However, it wasn’t until December 1924 that South Wales Electrical Distribution Co. Ltd laid the cables for the towns supply.

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Holton Road and The Windsor Hotel
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