The Dock Offices

20 March 2021 ·

The Dock Offices were built between 1897 and 1900. They were designed by the architect Arthur E. Bell in the style of Christopher Wren. The building cost £59,000, and a bronze statue of David Davies stands in front of it today. Alfred Gilbert designed the statue. A copy of this statue stands by the A470 in David Davies home village in Mid Wales.

The dock offices are built in a calendar design. This means that the building is a reflection of numbers in a calendar.

There are four floors representing the four seasons in a year

Fifty two marble fireplaces representing the fifty two weeks in a year

Twelve panels in the porch for the twelve months in a year

Two circular windows, one on each side of the building – represent the sun and the moon

Seven lights behind the fanlight window, equal to seven days of the week

Three hundred and sixty five windows, one for every day of the year

A Portland stone staircase with thirty one stairs as most months have thirty one days.

In 1984, a huge fire engulfed the building and destroyed a large part of it. Fortunately, it was rebuilt and is now the home of the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Dock Offices on fire 1984 – Howard Cox, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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