The Deja vu Team

Stacey Traylor

Stacey is twenty three and has been a member of Vale People First for five years. She lives at home with her parents and younger sister Lexie. Stacey is a member of Vale Youth Speakup. Within the organisation she is a Disability Awareness Trainer, our All Wales People First Representative, Project Facilitator for the Active Communities Project and is a member of Vale Youth SpeakUp.

“I have really enjoyed being part of the planning for De Ja Vu. I love visiting the archives, doing home research, historical tours and working as a team. I am learning so much about Barry that I never knew, and I am very excited about our exhibition, especially taking part in the displays”

Emily Matthews

Emily Matthews

Emily lives with her partner Keith and her seven year old son Cole. She is a member of Vale People First Parents group, and is a Support Worker for disabled young adults. She is enjoying all of the De Ja Vu project so far and has especially enjoyed researching the ‘Been and Gone’ section. Emily is following in the footsteps of her grandmother, Dilys Colbourne, who was part of the movement that petitioned to save Central Park and the town Library over twenty years ago.

“I am really enjoying being part of the project, both the social side, and learning about the history of the town. I have learned so much that I would never have known. It is fascinating and I can’t wait to start putting the exhibition together”

Jo Price

Jo has been involved with Vale People First since her daughter Courtney joined as a member in 2018. Courtney enjoyed going to lots of our groups and Jo was warmly welcomed by everyone too. In March 2019 Jo began working with us as The Moving on Well project worker and then soon after became joint facilitator for the Déjà vu project. Jo enjoys going to the gym and eating too much chocolate!!

“I am thoroughly enjoying being a part of the Deja Vu Project and working with the members and Ros. I love spending time at The Glamorgan Archives looking at the fascinating items they have there. We have met some amazing people through this project and I’m really excited about the exhibition and showing everyone what we have discovered.”

Joseph Rogers

Joe is an active member of Vale People First, and enjoys being involved in several projects. Together with De Ja Vu, Joe is a member of the Youth SpeakUp Group, Men’s Group, Literacy Group and the Social Groups. He also works one day a week at KFC in Barry which he really enjoys. Joe lives in a supported house with his friend Dan and enjoys cleaning, cooking, and visiting friends especially his girlfriend Shannon.

“I really like De Ja Vu and learning new stuff, because I like to keep busy. I like taking part and being involved. It was fun at the archives looking at old photographs and going around Barry looking at sites I didn’t even know were there. I can’t wait for our exhibition so everyone can see all of our hard work. I am very proud of what we’ve done so far”

Kurtis Marshall

Kurtis is twenty four and lives at home with his mother. He has been a member of Vale People First for eight years. In that time, he has worked on several projects and is now a volunteer with Teen Scheme, and is a trustee. He is a member of Vale Youth SpeakUp, Men’s Group, and is the organisations Marketing and Promotions person. Kurtis helps to record the progress of the De Ja Vu project and records it to social media.

“I find this project really interesting, exploring historical facts and backgrounds of Barry and it residents past and present. I am really looking forward to the exhibition where I will be doing some narration”

Ros Brewer

Ros has been involved with Vale People First since its formation in 2004. Following Voluntary redundancy from Barry College, where she worked as a lecturer, she was employed to be the Project Facilitator for Vale Youth SpeakUp. Now in Partnership employment with Adult Learning Wales she also facilitates the Men’s Group, supports the Literacy Group, and jointly facilitates the Parents group and the De Ja Vu project. She lives with Charlie Boy, who is a P.E.T. dog for the organisation. Her hobbies are sewing crafts, wine making, and going for long walks with Charlie Boy.

“This is a very interesting project. The town is steeped in a very colourful history, and I am really enjoying working with Jo and all the other members in the project. Everyone is very enthusiastic and I have met some wonderful people and some real characters. We have so much to show the people of Barry, and I can’t wait until we can put the exhibition together with a few surprises thrown in”

Mark Tierney

Mark has been a member of Vale People First for over 10 years. Mark is part of The Vale Youth Speak Up and is also an active member of the Men’s Group. Mark also enjoys taking part in the Literacy & IT classes and has recently started learning Sign Language.

“The thing I like about the Deja Vu Project was going to the archives and doing some research and going around taking photos. Doing this project has helped me a lot with my reading and writing. It was really fun and I really enjoyed it. ”

Sam Stevenson

Sam has been involved in several projects with Vale People First in the past, including Helping Hands, a buddy system, and EDUC8, where she was the Outreach Officer organising Disability Awareness training. She lives in Barry with her husband Alex and dog Misha. Sam and Alex have been together for eight years and celebrate their first wedding anniversary this year. As part of Vale Youth SpeakUp, Sam is the Admin Officer and enjoys helping to organise fundraising events. Sam has spent a lot of time at the Cardiff Archives doing valuable research.

“It has all been really interesting. I learnt so much. Learning how to put on an exhibition was really good but hard work. It was worth it though and I can’t wait to work as a team putting together the exhibition and showing everyone our hard work. I am also looking forward to the performance”

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